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Designed Lyfe

Full Color Custom DTF Transfers

Full Color Custom DTF Transfers

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Build your own Gang Sheet

Use the "Build Your Own Gang Sheet" button, you can upload individual images, click then size them, duplicate images or remove backgrounds.  

Please read: Going forward, your order will be cancelled if the correct size sheets are not selected or you will be invoiced the difference.

Make sure there's no background & in PNG format. JPG files will print whatever is on the background.

If the background needs to be removed there will be an additional fee of $10 to clean up the image or you can request the order cancelled. If you need editing select the sheet with the editing label. Select it for 1 sheet & the regular sheet for other copies of the same design.

Films start at 11" x 17", you can do a single design or multiple on a single sheet. Two 10" wide designs WILL not fit on this sheet. (XL or Larger)

16" x 20" sheets, can be used for larger gang printed designs and longer images. Two 10" wide (XL or Larger) designs will not fit on this sheet unless they are both shorter than 8" in Height.

Gang Print  (multiple designs on one film) Look at the video linked below if you're unsure of how to setup your artboard in graphics software & use that to setup your gang print.

If you need the image in multiple sizes, use the chart below and enter that information in the Notes field 

Video on Gang Print Setup in Photoshop

****IMPORTANT THIS IS NOT A SHIRT SHIPPING, you will press the films yourself. ****

**COLD PEEL Pressing Instructions: first press: 285º for 20 seconds, medium to heavy pressure, then allow the transfer to cool down completely then remove film. D0 2nd Final Press at 285º for 10 seconds,  with the included Silicone Sheet covering the image. The final press makes sure your shirts will wash and last up to 50 washes*** Washing instructions are included with the instruction sheet in your package.


Sizing of Prints.  These are simply suggestions, size to your liking within the size Film that you choose.


Infant/Toddler Width of Prints

Infant up to 6 months - 4" Wide (1200 px)

Infant 9 month up to 18 months - 5.5" Wide  (1650 px)

Toddler 2T  to 4T- 6" Wide (1800 px)

Youth Width of Prints

XS Shirt- 6.5" Wide (1950 px)

Small - 7" Wide (2100 px)

Medium -7.5" Wide (2250 px)

Large  - 8" Wide (2400 px)

XL - 8.5" Wide (2500 px)

Adult Width of Prints

Small to Large - 9.5"  Wide (2850 px)

XL - 10" Wide (3000 px)

2XL - 10.5" Wide (3150 px)

3XL - 11" Wide (3300 px)

4XL & Up- 11.5" Wide (3450)

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