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Sublimation Transfers - Ready To Press

Sublimation Transfers - Ready To Press

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Build your own Gang Sheet

***HEAT PRESS REQUIRED*** At least 385º or higher. Cricut hand press nor Iron Recommended.

Full Color Prints

Don't want to purchase a sublimation printer but want to creates apparel or decor?

Individual prints or Gang Sheets Available. 

Use the Upload/Customize button to upload your finished artwork. 

All prints, printed from a professional sublimation printer with Epson Sublimation inks, not converted.

This is the right place. 

You're only limited by the quality of your design. Use the Notes field, to add information or image sizes. 

Print sizes:

Letter: is perfect for tumblers and Kids shirts.

Tabloid: perfect for shirts with designs up to 10.75" Wide and 16.75" long

Super B: perfect for your 2XL and Larger Shirts.

Gang Sheets perfect for maximizing your dollar with different size prints on one sheet.

Remember RGB color space is best for sublimation prints. Don't upload images mirrored. Size your images to print size or use notes to list size. 

File Quality: 300 DPI gets you the best image quality. Anything less can be uploaded but adjust expectations for lower files like 72 PPI. We do not recommend using screenshots. 

Fabric: 100% polyester recommended, remember the lower the poly count, the lower the ink will take to the fabric. 65% polyester is the lowest recommended.

First pic is blank for your file to be uploaded, next is a large 24" wide print, next is a watermarked image of what the colors looked like on the original file, next image is showing the printed image before pressed, the next image is the shirt pressed, and last image is showing the paper used after pressed

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